How to create a subdomain in Peplink750

I would like to setup a subdomain in PepLink 750, can someone help to guide me?

What do you mean by sub domain? Are we talking an Active Directory child domain?

Or are you talking about a smaller network inside your existing network (a VLan)?

jmjones, thank you for your reply.
It seems that all I have to do is to add an A record.
The story is I am using Mailgun service and was asked to create a subdomain and SPF/TXT record.
e.g. mydomain,.com is currently handling DNS service. Mailgun instructed us to create a subdomiain :

It turns out all I have to do is to create in DNS and set up TXT for email.mydomain,com

on the side note, when I edit the TXT record, I found peplink does not like cut-&-paste.

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Gotcha - DNS subdomain. Glad you got it sorted!

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