How to connect using 5G?

Hello community,

I’m a new user of Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G.
I have a problem with 5G connectivity. Tried 2 different carriers (T-Mobile and AT&T), and both are connecting in LTE-A mode instead of 5G in a town area with great 5G coverage (Raleigh, NC).

The top speed was 110Mbps/14Mbps with external 42g antenna.

On ATT i have 50GB/$55 hotspot plan, purchased specifically for that router.

Should I know something specific about 5G and Peplink devices?


Hi Yury. The carrier makes the decision as to 4G vs 5G and the band(s) to be used – within the capabilities of the router/modem. If the plan/SIM you have is 5G and you enabled the usage of all bands that’s pretty much all you can do, I think. (There is often a reason to restrict the system from using one or more bands but I would not start there.)

I’ll also mention that we see this behavior a lot, particularly with AT&T. It is very common for AT&T to direct a router to use LTE rather than CA with LTEA even in an environment with excellent signal metrics.

Also, you will want to make certain you are using the latest firmware – 8.2.1 for your router. (It’s easy to check and update.)

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I’m having the same issue with MAX-BR1-PRO-5G

I’ve been using it on FirstNet, which it is approved for and I never hits 5G even though I’m in an area with Great 5G coverage.

Any updates on a solution for this?

Other than what said previously (above), the only suggestion I’d have is to ensure the modem’s firmware is current. One can do that easily by going to the main GUI page, then substituting this for the last portion of the URL: MANGA/support.cgi?mode=config&option=main . Select the “Cellular module firmware update” option on that page. If you need an update the best practice is to do it with an ethernet WAN connected.

And, it must be emphasized that it is the carrier that determines the bands on which your device will operate, within the limits of the device’s hardware. So, after ensuring your FW is up-to-date the next step would be to inquire of AT&T.