How to configure DDNS on peplink balance 310


can’t figure out why DDNS is not working! here are my steps:

[li]Created an account on[/li][li]on the peplink I made sure that I can access my admin via http/https form both LAN and WAN[/li][li]configured the DDNS on the peplink :[LIST=1][/li][li]chose my service provided in the list “”[/li][li]entered the mail address[/li][li]entered the password[/li][li]entered the host[/li][/ol]
[li]I defined NAT using the internal address of my router[/li][li]saved and applied the changes.[/li][/LIST]
when I ping the host the ping is OK but from the browser nothing happened.

please advise.


This should work correctly with the above parameters. Double check settings again and if still unsuccessful please open a support ticket so we can obtain more detailed information to get this resolved.

I am using no ip successfully make sure the password is correct.

fresno, have seen that acting weird on special charterers in the password. Like it was not working for me if I had “$” in the password.
And I was sure password was correct. Changed password to combination letters and digits - works!

Thx for your replies I’ll give it a try.

Hello guys!

For the time being I don’t know what happened I can ping my router on but I can’t have access to it through GUI I may have changed the access rules… Is there anyway to gain access back without having to reset ?



I got it to work! now I want to have access to the router nad to the firewall: and to the switch : is it possible ?

Thx !

I assume that your network is the following.

Internet ---- Balance ( ---- Firewall ( ---- Switch ( — LAN

You can create a port forwarding rule for the firewall and the switch.

Please refer to the following KB article.

The firewall and the switch will need to have a certain port number that doesn’t have well-known port numbers to accomplish this.
Please keep us posted.

Thank you Haruki Arai,

but the issue is am using a DDNS to access my router then when I need to use port forwarding lets say to the Firewall and switch, the incoming connection will use any IP adrress the router is using for the moment and directly go to my nated IP of the router.

Please advise


You would be defining the WAN connection that you want to come in on for the port forward. If possible to create a port forward for the DYNDNS WAN that way. “DynDNS hostname”:“Port” would get you to the Switch/FW.

Hello Jarid Petermann,

Thank you for your response, it seems that services forwarding for some reasons is not working, only when I define a NAT…

Please advise.

Depending on the service that you want to forward…

For us to get more detailed information I would open a support ticket with us: