How to configuer Peplink for DVR

i’ve 10 branches connected with Peplink devices, every branch have its DVR and i can browse DVR through its static ip .
i want to browse DVR form WAN
how to configure Peplink ?

You would configure inbound services or port forwarding for port 80 and 9000 from the WAN(s) to on the LAN. If the firewall is used in the Balance, be sure to add inbound firewall rules as well to allow this traffic in.

My problem is the same, but i configured all parameters to access DVR in PEPLINK 380.

My dvr not access MOBILE PORT in iphone or android…

I create rules in peplink firewall to inbound and outbound access in Intenal ip to DVR.
Created rules in forwarding ports to redirect conections in ports 34599 to mobile services in DVR, but not success!!!

Please help me!!

Best regards


Please open a support ticket and a technical team member will be able to assist you.