How to config Point to Point PepLink VPN

Balance 210-A(DHCP)—Router—internet----Balance 210-B(Static Public IP,NAT)-----Balance 210-C

If we want to setup Point to Point PepLink VPN tunnel between Balance 210-A and Balance 210-C,how can we do it?

  1. Use custom handshake and data ports for pepvpn on B210-C
  2. Port forward those through B210-B.
  3. Get B210-A PepVPN profile to connect to the public IP of B210-B on those custom ports.

Custom Handshake Port:
Network - > SpeedFusion | PepVPN Settings:

Custom PepVPN Data Port
Edit SpeedFusion profile


Thank you MartinLangmaid.
In this environment, can I config the Point to Point PepLink VPN tunnel on IC2, or must I config it on each device end(click the network–> “PepVPN with SpeedFusion”–>“New Profile” tab).

I know you can set a custom data port but I don’t think you can set a custom handshake port. I’m sure @Michael can confirm that either way if we ask him nicely :wink:

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Martin’s right, a custom handshake port is a feature that isn’t currently available.

Since the handshake port is global to all profiles on the device, we can’t allow it to be set through the existing pepvpn management UI.