How to change sim/provider

Hi I recently purchased your pep wave mobile router for my boat. At the time we were
in Spain and the installer fitted be up with a Vodafone sim which worked fine. We moved the boat to Italy and installed a 4g sim data sim from
the carrier ‘tim’. The sim is fine but I have no service when it
is installed in the router.

I I imagine I have to reboot the router with the new sim but I was left with no manual or instructions. Can you tell me what I need to do each time I change SIM cards as I move the boat accross Europe ?

Hi Kevin,

Not sure which model are you referring to. Anyway, all Max routers came with 2 SIM slots (A and B). If you are using Max BR1, you can insert both SIM cards (Vodafone and Tim) into SIM slot A and B (e.g. Vodafone in SIM A and Tim in SIM B). If your boat within the coverage of Vodafone, SIM A will be using. If your boat within the coverage of Tim, connection will failover from SIM A to B automatically.

If you preferred swap the SIM card manually, you just need to pull out the original SIM card and insert the replacement SIM card. No additional action needed. Max router will connect automatically.

For the reported problem on Tim’s SIM card. Please insert the SIM card into your mobile phone when you noticed no service found in Max router. This allowed us to narrow down whether the problem is related to ISP or Max router.

Hope this help.

Thanks tk

In fact the Tim chip does work on
My I pad but not in the router.

Yes it’s a max br.

The installer is now telling me I have to change settings on the browser set to p screen. I’m going to try that. Again many thanks

Not sure. Which version do you use?

Please try to configure Tim’s APN on Cellular interface (Dashboard > Details of cellular interface > Cellular Settings).