How to change PepVPN Local ID when managed by Incontrol

How to change PepVPN Local ID when it is managed by Incontrol, Local ID is hostname of the device + S/N when change Device name PepVPN localD is still remain as old Hostname even when you do full device rest.

The local ID is committed to IC2 when the device first comes online and generally does not change for the lifetime of the device. As changing the Local ID will cause all your connected PepVPN links to break until the configurations at both sides have been updated with the new value, we generally avoid this for network stability reasons. (If you’re using IC2 to manage your devices, most of the time you don’t need to even know your Local ID, let alone change it)

The default value of HostName + SN is generally just to ensure uniqueness, but not as strict as using the actual SN to allow for device (eg. RMA) replacement.

If you really need the local ID changed on a device, please contact support and we can handle the ID change manually.

I already have ticket on this issue for last 3 weeks, it was escalated to engineering team with no resolution yet.

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Is this ticket 9070814?
The last reply from our end appears to be a request that you confirm a safe time to perform maintenance on your settings. Changing the site ID of the device will cause all devices connected to it to renegotiate their connections.

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Hello Sam,

I wanted to check in to make sure our response to you didn’t get caught in your spam filter. We had responded to you on the 23rd with another solution but haven’t received a response back from you.