How to bypass block domain content in access rules

hello peplink

i have 7 vlans network 99,100,101,50,51,200 and 1000, now i create deny rules for fb and youtube using https and in works but on vlan 1000 which is this networks belongs to guest public wifi and no restrictions (transparent) and i manage to assign public dns but the problem is https://fb still block how to exempt access rules to guest vlans? or let says guest public vlan no restrictions


If you can create a deny rule for the VLANs, all you need is an additional allow rule above it with source network coming from VLAN 1000, and destination domain pointing to fb and youtube.

Furthermore I don’t believe in giving guest no restrictions access. If you are using our solutions, I’ll recommend enabling some form of guest management features like social WiFi login, captive portals, simple password authentication, quota limits etc, which is available for configuration depending on which of our products you’re using for this.


hello chen

thank for your prompt response i forgot to look at it in source network but it is possible to add another subs network eg. then add another subs without additional access rules let say the blocking apply to a source network 99 and 100. as per menu as i seen only 1 network per rules


As of now, there’s no way of adding additional subnets to a rule. If you have 2 separate subnets you’ll need to create 2 rules, each pointing to a separate destination subnet.