How to Block Windows Updates in low bandwidth situation through routers?

I am trying to support an office in Thailand that has, at some site have bandwidth of 1000-3000K . I’m looking for suggestion to block bandwidth intensive services like Windows Update, Adobe updates, or anti-virus updates from sucking all of the bandwidth.

Please advise How to Block any Microsoft update sites ,

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You can use the web blocking feature or outbound firewall rules to block Microsoft domain names used for Windows updates.

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In you favourite search engine enter “firewall rules to block Microsoft updates” (& change Microsoft for each operating/device/service you want to block) and work through the half first dozen answers you will find out it is almost impossible to block most modern updates and it leave your systems open to vulnerabilities, though you can certainly attempt it.

You can have a go at putting these into the Content Filter within the router (best to use firmware 7 and above), if you have a higher end network device, then the there are more categories to help so you may not need to enter all of the domain you find from the above search results.

Have a look through these two previous posts for further information on how to do this once you have worked out your domains to block for your devices.

With such low bandwidth, another options is to only allow access to what they need for the business such as email server, document server, in house servers.
Be aware that if using certain software (such as office 365) they need to frequently verify the licence online or the software becomes either restricted or locked out.

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I was searching for how to block windows update low bandwidth through routers I found this article where guide about it what you give me advice about the article?

Can apply with Peplink Router right ?

Just as an FYI, I found a list of domains to block to block Windows Update. Only tested on Windows 10 service pack 1909. There may be a domain or two that is not necessary in the list, but the list, as is, works. From here

the list is