How to block someone from WiFi



How can I block a specific users either by MAC or IP address from the WiFi network?
I have one person who keeps using the guest network while he/she should be on our own network. How can I block this person from using the Guest WiFi and use the network assigned them them?


AP > Wireless SSID > SSID name (guest)

Access Control > Restricted Mode > Accept all except listed. Enter the MAC addresses you wish to block from this specific SSID.


Hello @ScooterIT,
We see this issue in a lot of places, we find most of the time it is due to the devices automaticcly connecting to the guest network. In most devices you can forget or remove the required SSID from the devices approved list. What is the device type (mobile or PC, operating system)?
Of cause if they are intentional connecting, that is when you would use the MAC Address method from @Don_Ferrario.
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Marcus :slight_smile:


Hi Marcus,

Thanks for your reply.
No in this case its an employee who keeps using the Guest network despite me removing the password from the device. For some reason this person keeps entering the guest network password despite being connected to the official one. Just want to make it impossible for this MAC address to connect to the Guest network.



Hello @ScooterIT,
The MAC is the best option for you in this case, though you will need to combine it with a DHCP assignment. Blocking just the MAC will block them from all access.

Here is our suggestion

  1. Create a DHCP reservation with an invalid IP on the VLAN of the Guest Wi-Fi
  2. Create a Firewall rule to block all traffic with the fake IP of “”

The location of the menus differs a little bit between the Balance Routers & the Pepwave MAX routers.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Even when I just block the MAC address from the SSID used for the Guest network?
The main connection runs trough ethernet to the same Peplink router.


Block MAC address to the SSIDs have nothing related to the Ethernet connection. The Ethernet connection for the device still able to connect to the network.