How to block gaming MAX-BR1

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Please advise the BR1 Can support block game content seem like PUBG, ROV. or not,

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Blocking of online games is not straightforward but possible using Outbound Firewall Rules on your MAX BR1.
A short investigation is needed as different applications may have different behaviour.
Please also note that there are always methods to overcome the restrictions, so you may need to do
follow up from time to time.

Try such way:

  1. Install real game application on your PC or phone connected to LAN of BR1.
  2. Watch IP sessions on your BR1 (Status → Active Sessions → Search).
  3. Run the game and continue watching. You will find new IP sessions.
  4. You may want to check the documentation of networking requirements for particular online game.
    PUBG usually uses TCP/UDP higher ports from range 10000 - 40000
  5. You can apply several blocking rules using destination IP/Network, destination ports and domains.
    (Advanced → Firewall Access Rules → Add rule to Outbound)
  6. Perform the testing. Check all services as firewall rules may block some wanted resources.
  • Example of hard rule that worked in the lab for PUBG blocking (IPs not published)

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