How to block devices from network

Hi All,

I was wondering how one might block a specific device, in this case, an IPhone, from the network through the Web Admin page.

Thank you!

If it wasn’t an apple device with its potential for randomized and ever changing mac addresses I would say to create a firewall rule that blocks it by MAC. You could still try this.

If it is changing then I’m not sure I can think of a way immediately…

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I will try that. I have an Eero system for my actual wifi and the connection is provided by the pepwave, however I cannot block devices from Eero app while the eero is in bridge mode and thats the only way it will work with the pepwave :frowning:

Could you possibly provide a step by step on how you would make that rule? And would it work better as an IP block or MAC?

If mac changes then IP will change also. Personally I’d identify by MAC Address first and then test.

  1. Login to router navigate to Status > Client List and find the iPhone and copy its MAC address (here is my OPPO smartphone as an example) :
  2. Navigate to Network > Firewall | Access Rules Click ‘Add Rule’ button in the ‘outbound firewall rules section’
  3. Add a new deny rule with source set to MAC of smartphone
  4. Click save and apply