How to best configure WAN and Cellular as Priority 1?

I have a cell modem providing a WAN connection to my CAT-18 MAX Transit (T-Mobile), and a SIM in one slot (AT&T) in the Pepwave as cellular (I have to do it this way because the T-Mobile SIM refuses to work in the Pepwave, but that’s another discussion). They seem to be combining well, and connectivity is good. I also have SpeedFusion but no other devices out there to connect to other than what Peplink provides. This is in an RV, so there will be times when one connection is better than the other, or one is nonexistent. What is the best way to configure all of this to get the best speeds and best reliability? I’m not a Network Engineer. Thanks!

what is your use case? are you using for voip? video conferencing? streaming?

what data plans do you have? how many gb? deprioritizes?

you should determine what you want to achieve and then configure your system accordingly. just saying best speed and reliability doesn’t mean much as peplinks are highly customizable devices.

Thanks for the questions – all of the customization possibilities have me at a standstill. I have AT&T and T-Mobile from MVNOs and both have unlimited high-speed plans. I use them for work and play, and that means some video conferencing and streaming (no VoIP). AT&T is usually good, but there are some parts of the country where AT&T is awful or nonexistent (hello, Dallas!). I’d like to use T-Mobile when AT&T is bad, and vice versa. And if I can combine them, that would be ideal.

Is there a way for the Peplink to determine when one is bad or nonexistent and then favor the other? Am I combining them correctly?

Where I am now (north of Denver), AT&T and T-Mobile on their own were significantly worse than the setup I have right now (Cellular and WAN inputs in Priority 1). It’s pretty amazing, and I’m happy, but I want to make sure I have things set up correctly. Thanks for your guidance!

if you dont need speefusion, outbound rules with fastest response is what i typically use. i reserve speedfusion for mission critical such as wifi calling/texting, video conferencing for work, etc.

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Edit: I set up SpeedFusion Cloud to funnel things like Microsoft Teams and O365 through those connections. It would be good to see more reliable connectivity for those apps. Thanks for the reminder and tips.

How do I set up outbound rules with fastest response? Is there some doc I can read about this type of thing?

It’s an older post, but I’m reviving it because I’ve been using this setup for a bit. It works well, I think, but it seems to always favor WAN over Cellular. So, it’s almost always using my T-Mobile in a Netgear Nighthawk MR1100 and rarely uses the AT&T card in the Pepwave slot.

I know I can set a bandwidth limit, and T-Mobile will disconnect when the limit is reached. But that’s not really what I’m after. I’d like the Pepwave to balance between the two and favor one over the other depending on performance, rather than use up one before switch to the other.

Is it possible? Thanks for the continued discussion!