How to avoid Speedfusion Cloud issues with Google?

I’ve got a Balance 20X with two cellular connections. I video conference both in applications like Zoom as well as through web applications, so am using Speedfusion Cloud for all web traffic. This generally works well, but I get a lot of Captchas on Google, as well as errors with Google Docs (see attached).

I’d like to keep using Speedfusion Cloud for pretty much everything, but create an outbound policy for all Google searches and Google Docs. I’ve got a custom rule set for any source, destination domain of “”, and then have it set to use the cellular connections without Speedfusion (see attached). However, I don’t know if it is working. I tried to test this with a similar rule for and saw that the data was still going through the Speedfusion tunnel. I don’t think I have seen any captchas on Google searches, but for sure I am still getting errors with Google Docs.

Why was my custom rule for not working? Is this because other domains are used? What is the easiest way to whitelist all google services from using the Speedfusion Cloud? If this is an issue of multiple domains being used, how do I find all the domains I’ll need?

This is fairly common when using any shared VPN or proxy service.
It isn’t always an indicator that something is wrong - more likely google is seeing a ton of searches from you and others connected to that particular SpeedFusion Cloud node.

Try changing SpeedFusion Cloud locations, or disconnect and reconnect SFC to pick up a new SFC server node.

Thanks. That’s what I figured. I’ll try a different server, but I imagine I will still run into the issue. If that is the case, I don’t need regular browser traffic going through SpeedFusion cloud, so it would be great if I could figure out a rule to capture traffic to Google. Any ideas?

The issue is almost certainly persisting because some traffic is going to domains that aren’t matching your rule—Google has multiple second-level domains that it uses, so it’s likely some of the traffic you’re generating is going to one (or more) of those, and thus being routed through SFC.

Best idea I can think of would be to use something like Charles to capture the communications that take place when you browse a site or use an app that you’re having trouble with; that should tell you all the destinations that are involved in accessing those sites, which you can then use to set up rules to route traffic to those destinations outside of SFC.