How to allocate you bandwidth to your speedfusion and your local network?

Hi Peplink i have 100 mbps and i want my 50 percent i will allocate it in my speedfusion vpn and the othe 50 percent of my internet bandwidth i will allocate it in my internal local network is this possible?

Assume you have 1 WAN and 1 SpeedFusion tunnel. Below is the suggestion.

  1. Configure upload and download bandwidth on WAN interface.

  1. Assign all users into Staff Group.

  1. Enable Individual Bandwidth Limit for Staff.
  • No worry on Manager and Guest group since no one was assigned into these 2 groups.

  1. Enable bandwidth limit for SpeedFusion tunnel
  • Enabled at 1 side will do.

Hope this help.

i have already done this TK Liew ,thanks anyway:) appreciated.