How to add new User Groups?

Peplink Balance 380
Firmware : 6.3.4 build 3613
Hardware Revision : 5

There is just 3 groups i want to add new users group and control bandwidth for each group

how can i add new groups ?

At this time we only support the three predefined groups.

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i read a topic about it for 6 years and Pep link team answered that there is a plan to make it dynamic to allow users add new groups
is there is a plan for that or I’ve to forget ?

I’m reaching out to our engineering team to get an update on if we have plans to add more than three groups to the QoS > User Groups section.

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It has been confirmed that this is on the road map but we do not have an ETA for this feature.


i would like to make this conversation alive. There is a need to have more than just two programmable groups.


I don’t even see any user group on my BR1 ENT. Maybe 3 predefined groups are considered a lot lol.

I also would like the ability to add more than three user groups with configurable limits.