How to add a single WiFi Router to MaxTransit Duo

I have the MaxTransit Duo and am wanting to connect a Netgear Nighthawk as the sole access point and WiFi connection for my internet. I connect it to the LAN port correct? What do I need to setup in admin panel for it to work? I went through Nighthawks setup app and it keeps not detecting internet.

Hi Phodges

If I understand you correctly, you would have Internet> Max Transit> NetGear> LAN / WLAN network, if so and your Max Transit is by default you would not have to configure anything, just connect your internet provider to the WAN of your Max Transit and your NetGear to the LAN . Now do you know if NetGear receives IP from Peplink? Is your NetGear in bridge or router mode? From NetGear you can ping tests to Max Transit, to or ?.

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