How to activate simultaneously 2 SIM cards on Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro 5G

I have Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro 5G and I have inserted 2 SIM cards into it. I want both SIMs to be connected at the same time (two different LTE providers). Unfortunately, only one SIM card is always in USE. I would greatly appreciate any help.

It is a SINGLE MODEM with two SIM cards. Only one SIM card is active at any time. There is no way around that.

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Thank you erickufrin! Is it any additional device that can be added, to allow multi-SIM connection?

There a dual modem devices - but for 5G-ready they are sort of expensive. The “ideal” device I think is the MBX Mini however its not yet shipping.

Personally what I do is have 2x BR1 Pro 5G’s each with their own SIM card (ATT+VZW). One of them acts as my ‘main’ router and the ‘secondary’ router is attached to main’s ethernet-wan port. The main then handles routing between both upstream connections as well as wifi-wans.

I am just a “personal user” paying out of my own pocket for this stuff… Looking at cost comparison - 2x BR1 Pro 5G’s is ~$3,000 - for the high-end 5G MBX dual cellular its $10k. I would feel significant buyers remorse spending $10k on something that will be obsolete in 1-2yrs, especially with 5G still being in flux. While not ideal to maintain two devices, I figure I can buy (6G, 7G, etc) new hardware several times over as technology advances and still be under $10k.

Good points! Thank you very much! I am also a personal user :)… I am building a new network on my boat (my home) and I am preparing for the World round trip (I already did 4200 nm! :))

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Have a look at the MAX Adapter 5G. With that you can add an additional 5G to many Peplink devices


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Hi Dennis - I’m in the same situation as the original poster. Would you be able to provide a bit more information on how the MAX Adapter 5G would enable leverage of both SIMS to get a better connection?

I have a MAX BR1 w/ ATT and Verizon SIMS. I’d hoped I could bond the connections in SpeedFusion, coming to realize that’s not an option, yet…

MAX Adapter is less expensive than buying another BR1 (as Eric suggests), but I’d go either route. I need two people to have access to a stronger network at the same time… it looks like MAX Adapter connects to computer directly, not the BR1 - is that correct?

Thank you so so much for this thread y’all… so much research/youtube/peplink community browsing and I finally found my exact question!

The MAX Adapter 5G is not compatible with a MAX BR1 Pro 5G.

The MAX Adapter is compatible with models which have a USB WAN port. To set up and use your MAX Adapter with a compatible device, you must install operating Firmware 8.1.1 or higher.

Full list of devices compatible with the MAX Adapter (LTE):

  • Balance series: 20, 20X, 30 LTE, 30 Pro, One, Two, 210, 310 5G, 310 Fiber 5G, 310X, 305, 380, 380X, 580, 580X, 710, 1350, 2500, 2500 EC, MFA500, SDX, SDX Pro
  • Surf SOHO series: Surf SOHO MK3
  • MAX series: BR1 ENT, HD2, HD2 Mini, HD4, MBX, MBX Mini
  • MFA series: HD2/HD4 with Media, MFA 200, MFA500, MFA 750

Full list of devices compatible with the MAX Adapter (5G):

  • Balance series: 20X, 30 LTE (HW3), 30 Pro, One, Two, 210 (HW4-5), 310 5G (HW2), 310 Fiber 5G (HW2), 310X, 305 (HW2), 380 (HW6), 380X, 580, 580X, 710 (HW3), 1350 (HW2), 2500, 2500 EC, MFA500, SDX, SDX Pro
  • MAX series: BR1 ENT, HD2 (HW5-6), HD2 Mini, HD4, MBX, MBX Mini
  • MFA series: HD2/HD4 with Media, MFA 200, MFA500, MFA 750


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Hi Eric… I think I’ll end up doing much the same in the coming days (order a second pepwave that is). I wonder if you might be able to illuminate your decisionmaking process for what router you purchased for the second unit.

I’m looking at Transit Duo CAT-12 and the BR1 CAT 12… did you look at both units as well and decide on the BR1 for any particular reason?

(also… thank you thank you for posting your creative solution to my very problem)

Hi there - so with a MAX BR1, ATT and Verison SIM in-hand, if one purchased a MAX Adapter LTE, what would the order/arrangement of connections look like to achieve a bonded tunnel running both ATT and Verison connections in support of each other? Would the Adapter be plugged into the MAX BR1 to support, or would computer be linked to MAX BR1 wirelessly and MAX Adapter LTE w/ cord to have two simultaneous but separate connetions to Verizon and ATT?

The MAX Adapter LTE would connect to the MAX BR1 ENT USB port. Please click the link I provided in my previous reply to see how it works.

FYI for all… Peplink needs to update their compatibility list. The MAX Adapter 5G also works very nicely with the MAX BR2 Pro.

To note: I have (3) 5G connections live now at all times (T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon) for work/traveling.

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Very nice!


The MAX Adapter is not compatible with the BR1 Pro 5G, but you can use the Synergy Mode in the 8.3.0 Firmware to get another Cellular-Module into your router.

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