How to access priority2 while it is in standby mode

Dear all Expert

im using a BR1 , the 3G is the main connection, and i’m using a satellite modem plug into WAN
the satellite modem is having a IP (have a GUI) , but when it we are using the 3G priority1 , we also want to “access” the dashboard of the satellite modem interface , but we are not able to do so as it is in “stand by” mode , just wonder if anyone have a way to fix it ?

thank you

Hi There , the reason we want to access the interface of priority 2 is becos we want to access the interface of the modem, to check if it is connected even we are still using 3G connection, we just want to access the internal Ip of the Sat modem. if is possible, can you kindly include abit more step on it? BR1 IP , the sat modem is


You can configure PepVPN Outbound Custom Rules (Please go Advanced -> PepVPN). Add rule as below:-

Source - Any
Destination - IP Address
Protocol - Any
Algorithm - Enforced
Enforced Connection - WAN Cellular

thank you very much for your help, it works !