How should I configure this?

I’ve got two networks that are at our facility now. It basically goes like this.

ISP 1 & ISP 2 -> Balance One (Public) -> Wifi Aps & a Balance One Private Router

ISP 3 & Balance One LAN -> Balance One (Private)

I know I can do this same setup with one Balance One and vlans but I can’t seem to get any vlanning working. I’ve even tried running a cable from the balance one directly to my computer and I cant get it on its own vlan either.

We’ve been running like this for a few years but now I’ve had a balance stop working twice now. So I am going to replace it with another and send that one in for repair but should I continue building out like this? Or am I wasting resources when I could have it all in one unit with a backup ready to go?


In your case I would use a single Balance One and have it registered to This way should there be a issue, you can always grab a back-up config from there and load it into a stand-by Balance One. If you need true High Availability you would need a B210 on up.

You could even just unlock a 3rd WAN on a single Balance One and run both networks and all 3 WAN’s available from a single Balance.

As far as the vlanning goes. Can I not set a per port vlan setting? Is there a walk through on how to vlan with peplink gear? I realize its pretty standard but I’m missing something.


I would check our knowledgebase and specifically the below article should cover the setup.