How setup bonding

i have MOTG U4 sf with FusionHub server
i have on MOTG two USB flash internet
MOTG connected with FusionHub correctly
how i can config MOTG to use both connection 50/50 but when one dawn to be 100% on up link


If you are talking about the PepVPN/SpeedFusion VPN traffic, it is by default load balance + failover on the available WAN (in your case the both USB dongle), as your model is SpeedFusion Bonding feature enabled (MOTG-U4-SF).

The traffic distribution is handled within SpeedFusion Engine, to utilize available WAN to load sharing packets evenly, and the load will fail over to remaining active WAN if any of the WAN failed.

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i see in real time state all traffic on wan one and zero on wan two how i can bond or load balance
note:speed fusion connected and active


if you go into the SpeedFusion profile, ensure that the connection priority of all the connections are set to 1.
Then go to Status>SpeedFusion and click the blue drop down arrow. This should show all of your connections as being apart of the tunnel. So if you were to do a speedtest, you should see traffic going out all of the WAN links there.

Additionally you will need to tell the MOTG to send all traffic out over the SpeedFusion tunnel so that general internet access uses the tunnel rather than breaking out over the connected WANs directly.
You can use the ‘send all traffic to’ section in the SpeedFusion config, or create an outbound polic rule to prioritise the traffic (any to any) over the VPN.