How often does IC2 refresh signal quality and signal strength?

Hi everyone just wondering how fast IC2 refreshes when you’re looking at RSRP and RSRQ values. I’m testing out antenna placement and sometimes it seems to update really fast, changing values every few seconds, but other times (like right now) it won’t change value no matter what I do (including aiming the antenna at the ground and refreshing the page). Just wondering if it’s real time or how long I should wait before moving the antenna. Thx!

Edit: One other side question, when I’m trying to find the best antenna placement, which is best to look at, RSRP, RSSI or RSRQ? Or generally all of them?

Please refer to the device’s web admin if you need real-time signal strength. Alternatively, you may refer to the reading in the devel level in the InControl2. Please find the screenshot below for a better understanding.

Please refer to the URL link below if you need to understanding more for the reading of cellular connection.

We have a custom customer portal that uses the IC2 API to display these values to the customer since they don’t have access to IC2. So that’s why I’m asking how often the IC2 values are updated so that I can tell a customer that’s using our portal how long to wait before moving the antenna again. Sometimes the signal value in IC2 seems to update 3 times in a 10 second period where other times I’m waiting over a minute including refreshing and it stays the same, so that’s why I was wondering how often it’s updating there.

When you make the first device details API call (where no one made the same call in the last 2 minutes), IC2 will trigger the device to send its status data regularly in the coming 2 minutes. So it takes a little bit longer time to receive the first set of data. After that, the system shall receive the data every 2 to 6 secs. The frequency depends on network latency and the system’s load.

The web page normally polls the data from the system every 2 secs. If the figures do not change, the network latency may be too high, or the figures simply remain the same.