How many SSIDs can Balance Once create

I am interested in isolating IoT devices on their own WiFi network as much as possible. How many different SSIDs can the Balance Once create?

I tried to find this in the User Manual but it doesn’t appear to be there.

Hi Michael,

Balance One supports 3 SSID.

Hi Michael,

Currently 3 SSID and future firmware release will enhance to 16 SSID. In order to isolate your IoT devices to a dedicate Wi-Fi network, you should apply your SSID with a VLAN network and also block the Inter-VLAN routing.

  1. Create your VLAN network and disable Inter-VLAN routing

  2. Create your SSID and associate to the VLAN network

Hope this helps.


Thanks Eddy. I have taken this advice and created an isolated WiFi network.

I am glad to also note, just as an FYI, that a device logged on to this double-isolated network can not reach the router web interface via an IP address. But, every coin has two sides. This great security also prevents the Peplink Android app from seeing the router on a device logged on to a double isolated network. Not a complaint, just an observation.

Hi Michael,

Are you refer to the LAN access control for the Balance One WebUI (Router Web Interface) ?

If yes, please refer to the attached screenshot for the control access settings.

Thank You

Hello Sitloongs,
I was not referring to the “Allowed LAN networks”. I was referring to an SSID that is on its own VLAN, with no inter-VLAN routing and Layer 2 isolation enabled. It is a good thing that devices on such an SSID can not access the router over the LAN using the router IP address.

Hi Michael,

Do correct me if i’m wrong interpreting your request.

Do you mean the devices that connected to Isolated VLAN shouldn’t able to access Balance One Web Admin with the “Inter-VLAN routing disabled” and “L2 Isolation enabled” ?

Please refer to the sample network setup below:

Network VLAN settings:
VLAN 1 - LAN 1
VLAN 2 - LAN 2
VLAN 3 - Isolated Network (Inter-VLAN routing disabled)

WIFI settings:
SSID VLAN1 - L2 Isolation disabled
SSID VLAN2 - L2 Isolation disabled
SSID VLAN3 - L2 Isolation enabled

**Basically “Inter-VLAN routing disabled for VLAN3” will disallowed the connection for the below: **

  • VLAN3 to VLAN1 and VLAN1 –> VLAN3
  • VLAN3 to VLAN2 and VLAN2 –> VLAN3

While WIFI L2 Isolation is to isolate the devices that connected to the SSID VLAN3. Devices that connected to SSID VLAN3 will not able to connect to each others.

The 2 features mentioned “Inter-VLAN routing” and L2 Isolation will not block the traffics to the router IP address.

Do consider to use “Allowed LAN networks” to control access for the router IP address.

Thank You

Just to add on to what Sit Loong has mentioned…
It will not block the traffics to that particular VLAN’s router IP address, since now with 3 VLANs, each of them has a router IP address that they can use to access the router.

Hence, having inter-VLAN disabled will prevent client from accessing other VLAN’s router IP address but not their own,
and to control clients from accessing their own VLAN’s router interface, that’s where “Allowed LAN networks” comes into the picture.

We have few projects where customers needs real WLAN - with roaming on 10-45 APs, where each WLAN needs more than 3 SSIDs - it’s very popular.
We have also projects for Railways, where we will use MAX HD4 as LTE router and AP Controller, Here also there is need for more than 4 SSIDs.
This is normal and popular requirement from customers.

More, customers do not understand situation - why single AP has 16 SSIDs but when we connect it to controller, instead of increasing possibility - it’s limited.
Pls add this feature - 16 or beller more - 32 SSIDs, to the nearest firmware version.