How is traffic measured for the Weighted Balance algorithm?

Descriptions of the Weighted Balance algorithm here and in the knowledgebase refer to “amounts” and “proportions” of traffic, but I haven’t found a clear description of what is measured.

I’ve found that if I weight two comparable links equally, the first one will end up wth almost twice as many bytes of data as the second. I suspect because the algorithm is counting or alternating sessions or something similar, rather than counting bytes, and initial sessions are likely often larger than subsequent sessions. As a a result, I’ve had to adjust the weighted balances to somewhere between 5:10 and 7:10 to account for that. Any clarity on how traffic is actually measured for this algorithm?

The weighted algorithm sets the ratio for load balancing outbound sessions so you are correct. Typically you would set a higher ratio for WAN links with more bandwidth when using this algorithm.

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Thanks, I thought that might be the case. Two of my links are identical, and that’s where the observation arose. Unfortunately, my higher bandwidth links typically have soft caps (risk of throttling), so I have to use weighting very carefully with them.