How implement a DMZ?

I have an Apple Macbook with a freshly installed copy of OS X Yosemite. It seems that the OS X firewall is off, but I am no expert with OS X. So, I want to put the Macbook in the DMZ and run Shields Up! on it to test the firewall. Firmware 6.1.2 on a Surf SOHO does not seem to have a DMZ option. Can I get the effect of a DMZ some other way? Thank you.

Typically, the Pepwave products would sit behind another router or gateway, and the SOHO would be placed in that router as the DMZ client.

So for my setup, I have a Verizon MiFi that has the IP address of the Pepwave Surf SOHO set as the DMZ. The SOHO is designed to be attached directly to a 3G/4G modem and is basically just bridging the connection.

So, it is not possible to simulate a DMZ on the Surf SOHO?

I haven’t personally tried it, but give this a shot. Make sure the SOHO is set as the DMZ (or that the modem is set to bridged mode) and enter the IP your MacBook gets from the SOHO in the screenshot below:

Great idea. Will do… thanks.