How does the peplink speedfusion dynamic weighted bonding work?

I wanted to read tonight more on how the new dynamic weighted bonding actually works. How frequently does it sample the cellular wans? What size test does it use to test the performance of each wan. Is it looking at both throughput and latency?

I see a few references to a forum post which is no longer available, such as from this page

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Also wondering, what is the overhead/bandwidth usage of dynamic weighted bonding?

Are there any known issues that lead it to be tucked under the support.cgi vs. available on the main index.cgi? Are there any things to be aware of or known gotchas before I begin testing? Are there any issues with combining latency cutoffs, latency difference cutoff, or FEC with dynamic weighted speedfusion bonding?

Also if testing, do you have to allow a certain amount of time for the dynamic weighted bonding to learn the WAN connection speeds?