How Does Overflow Algorithm Work?

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I have a question in mind for a long time.

in what condition does the overflow algorithm detects an “oveflow” condition and forwards the remaining traffic to another WAN link ?? is this occur when the highest priority link bandwidth usage is on 100% or 90% or … ??

Is it possible for user to modify this value and tell the load balancer : if my WAN 1 usage is more than n% , forward the remaining traffic to the lower priority link ??

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Hello Hootan,

WAN Load would be determined by the upload speed you have defined in the WAN setup (Network > WAN > Choose the applicable WAN). The Balance does only use the Download value as a reference but does not cap anything based on those numbers. Upload is different where it does use the value as a cap/throttle. The Balance will use those values as a cap and shunt over to the other WANs when you get to that limit.

In regards to modifying the rule, there really is not a way to modify in Outbound Policy but what you might do is to put in smaller values in the WAN setup to affect a little more when it will “spillover” to the other connection.

I do hope this helps to clarify matters, please let me know if you have further questions at all.

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The Peplink Team

Thank you Jason for your answer.

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