How do you handle a modem that is not in bridge mode?

Hi everyone, we have a cable connection and fibre. On the cable connection I have the Hutron modem in bridge mode, but on the fibre the Zhone router is not in bridge mode and acts like a router. If I use PepVPN or SpeedFusion it only works over cable, the fibre connection will never connect. I can look to put it into bridge mode, but is that to be expected or what do people do in these cases? I’m only asking because many providers don’t support bridge mode at all, so I feel like this could be a common issue when selling Peplink to our customers. Thanks!

PS the reason the fibre one is not in bridge mode is just because then it uses Static IP vs DHCP so you have to manually enter all the IP info and previously I misplaced it so took awhile to get it working when I got a new router and then had to have their tech team take it off bridge mode as it was causing issues.

From the description it sounds like there might be a conflict with PepVPN networks. With the VPN established, are any of the remote networks the same as what the Zhone provides via DHCP?

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The Peplink is as its IP, but the Zhone shows:

Connection Type
Static IP
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
2 days
DNS Servers

So doesn’t seem like a conflict. I just assumed it was maybe due to not being in bridge mode since it works fine on the cable connection that is. I also noticed that if I try to use OpenVPN on my desktop it never connects either if I’m using this fibre connection, but over the cable it does.

I could put it in bridge mode or see if I can do DMZ to the Peplink to test it that way, just wanted to confirm if it should typically work without bridge mode or not. Thanks!

Yes should work without bridge mode. Assume you are creating a PepVPN outbound yes? From the peplink device behind these two connections to a device on the internet?

If so, the assumption has to be that the zhone sees the encrypted traffic - or rather the attempt to build an encrypted tunnel and is blocking that somehow. What sort of webui does it have? What model is it?

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