How do I set DNS in the Router? in Wan? in Lan? Both?


I have two questions please in case someone can help me :slight_smile:

Since both of my ISP DNS aren’t good enough I want to use use Public DNS instead.

1 - Where should I use the Public DNS in the router?

  • Both WAN Connections (Fiber and Cable) and also in the LAN so all my Home devices can use the same DNS?
  • Only in the WAN Connections?
  • Only in the LAN and leave WAN Connections on auto?

2 - I want to know if I can configure my Router (which is my DHCP) to use public DNS (Primary and Secondary) from different providers (AS)


Primary DNS: (Google) Alternate DNS: (Quad9)

or it has to be like this? Both from same AS

Primary DNS: (Google) Alternate DNS: (Google)

Thanks in advance,


If you don’t care about using the Peplink as a proxy / cache then just set DHCP to issue the public DNS addresses directly to the clients.

If you want to use the Peplink to proxy / cache then either configure the desired DNS directly on the WAN interface or expand the advanced options on the LAN config using the blue question marks and find the boxes that let you specify where the proxy will send traffic.

This is generally a poor practice where for example Quad9 operates a filtered view of DNS to provide some low level malware/security, nothing wrong with that at all but use the same provider for both else you could get some clients hitting one provider and getting different answers to another.

Thanks a lot, Will,
Changes on DNS were done based on your feedback. I have now Primary DNS: (Google) Alternate DNS: (Google)

I never used any type of Proxy configuration, only have my Peplink acting as a DHCP and issue the DNS directly to the clients as you mentioned. Not even know it is a good practice to use the Peplink as a proxy and I’ll have to check HOW to set it since I don’t know how to do it.

I have had this Peplink Balance for about 10 years and never had any issue until lately. The only computer with the issue is the one that I’m using to post this message and I was wondering if could be the Peplink because the problem started after I’ve upgraded the Peplink firmware to the version 8.1.3 but it doesn’t seem to be since none of the other computers have the issue. For some reason, on this computer, I can’t connect to the MS servers for sign-in on the Xbox App, and most of the Apps require an MS sign-in. I can log in to Microsoft though using ANY browser (FF, Chrome, Edge, etc.)

The problem started about a month ago. After trying 100 different solutions I did a clean install about a week ago and after the installation, everything was working as intended. All the apps were accessing the Internet but the issue appeared again about two days ago. Another weird thing is when I’m using Fiddler to debug my connections the problem disappears and comes back as soon I close Fiddler. Wonder if the problem is because of a certificate Since Fiddler uses a self-issued certificate and a proxy to connect. Go figure :frowning:


Thanks a lot for your response and feedback. I appreciate