How do I limit throughput on a connection?

I have 3 connections on my Balance 50. 6/1 DSL 6/1 DSL and 50mbit/3mbit Cable. I’m streaming from a camera NVR system to another NVR for remote viewing. Unfortunately it is slamming the connection to full capacity which makes web browsing and other things slow. I thought that if I set the speed down to 1mbit on the config of the port it would limit the speed to 1mbit. That’s how it works on my ASUS RT AC 66u router. Can I control the throughput?

As a future feature request, I’d love the option to set throughput limit on a per TCP port basis (as well as total on WAN port). My cameras go on port 37777, I’d love it if I could set an outgoing rule to limit traffic speed to xMbit. That would give precise control. Please add that to your future firmware release options.

But for now, how can I limit the total throughput on my cable WAN port.

EDIT: My bad. I changed it to 1mbit and it did start limiting it a few minutes later. So I guess this post can just be about a feature request for setting inbound and outbound limits on a per TCP port basis. That would be very useful to me. Then I could limit the cameras to not take the full 3mbit, and allow web browsing and other things to run on the remaining 2mbit on the port. Any chance of getting this feature added?

Hi Aaron,

Only specific person/PC will do the streaming? If yes I suggest to apply Individual Bandwidth Limit to the person/PC (Network > Qos).

Hmm. But individual doesn’t let me pick an IP or anything specific. It is too bad it doesn’t let me select IP address OR port number to limit speed to. For example under QoS -> Application I can set it high, normal, or low. But what it needs is those 3 options but also a throughput setting. Is there any way to submit an official wish list? I’d love to be able set port 37777 to a limit of 1.5mbit and leave the rest of the 3mbit for other things like web traffic.

Guess I’m confused. How does this help me (see image). I’m not specifying an individual PC/ip or in my case the camera NVR I want to limit to 2mbit leaving 1mbit free for other stuff. This almost looks like an incomplete feature that could have a half dozen features added to it. This should allow me to specify IP/Mac, individual ports that get treated with the low normal high QoS setting, and in the Status menu I’d like a list of which ports are using how much bandwidth. Not just the “Other” definition. If I define a port with a name, like 37777 I’d name Camera NVR, it should show up on the real time monitor charts under its name. Can’t have too much detail when debugging or watching just what is using your network. Please add this to the future feature list, it would be seen as a great feature set.

Hi Aaron,

Limit bandwidth for an IP is available in v6.2.1. Feel free to upgrade and test.

Oh ok. That must be the beta - but that is good news telling me you are still adding features to it. What chance to I have getting some of the additional things I mentioned above? like setting port numbers with QoS priorities on that IP address per TCP port. Naming ports so that they show up in the status -> real time monitor as their name instead of just “others”.
I’d really love total control over individual devices not just system wide QoS. I could have the web interface on the NVR where I want to limit it to a different throughput than the streaming port 37777. I think the QoS section could be expanded greatly for more refined control.

Thank you! I’ll give the beta firmware a try assuming it is pretty solid? No major bugs that are going to kill my connection and cause me to drive 40 miles out to the site to fix it in person? :slight_smile:

Well that wasn’t a good move. I just upgraded to the beta firmware and now I get
“This firmware has expired. Please click here to upgrade firmware” I upgraded to the beta 2 found on
I’m on 6.2.0b02 build 2759 –
Ah I see. I follow your link and get a RC candidate version, verses the 2759 - got the 2977 instead. Strange that the old one was posted. I googled to find it, that must have been my mistake. Got the latest installed now… Ok, got it and I see where you are going with it. Assigning devices to groups. A bit less flexible than I’d like, that or like to see the ability to make more groups - but yes this does help. Now I can set the NVR’s traffic to take no more than 2mbit of the 3.1 that I have to use, leaving 1.1mbit for other traffic types. That is handy.

I hope you guys keep advancing this section/feature set. The more refined I can make the settings the better. I took a picture with Group Bandwidth Reservation turned on just to show in the picture, but will be turning that off and just using the “Individual Bandwidth Limit” feature.

Hi Aaron,

Glad to hear that you test it finally!

I will copy you post (limit throughput by port) to feature request for product team to take consideration.