How do I activate my production license?

I have FusionHub in AWS setup and running with an evaluation license. I just purchased a production license, but I can’t figure out how to apply this to the FusionHub.

I released the evaluation license in InControl but that still didn’t allow me to add it to the FusionHub.


You need to setup a new FusionHub instance and apply the full license to it.
You can download the configuration from the eval instance and upload the configuration file to it.

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Yikes this is a major inconvenience. I wish I would have known about this
before configuring all of my remote sites to use this instance.


Setup an elastic IP through AWS for your existing FusionHub. Then log into the hub and pull a configuration file. Shutdown the instance, startup the new one and configure with the license, and reload your configuration file. You can then assign that elastic IP to the new instance. Your remote sites will still be hitting the same address and shouldn’t need any additional configuration.

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That’s a great idea - just didn’t anticipate that FusionHub would require
an elastic, and having already configured things, this will only work the
next time I need to change something. I didn’t see this in the eval guide

  • might be worth mentioning. Also, generally speaking elastic IPs cost
    more than the standard public IP, and for a small business like me, that

With AWS your first elastic IP should be free as long as it is in use. They don’t charge unless its not assigned to an instance, to make sure their pool of addresses is getting good use. I agree Peplink should add this to the user manual as I’ve had the same issue myself in the past. Good luck!

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