How connect a transit 5G to a MBX 5G

I want to use my Transit 5G as a WAN source to my MBX 5G. How would I go about doing that??

I would assume the same way you do with any other router. Im currently using my Max Transit 5G as a second WAN source with 3rd party routers (UN NG Firewall/Router). I have a T-Mobile SIM with their Static IP service.

I just enable IP Passthrough in my Max Transit 5G Webgui in Cellular Details, set APN to B2B.Static then plug a ethernet cable into the Max Transit 5G LAN port and the other end into the WAN port on my NG Firewall. Works great.

I would assume you would do the same thing with your MBX 5G minus the IP Passthrough and APN setting changes if you dont have a static WAN IP.

is there a way to do thst without enableing IP passthrough

Yes, it works with or without IP Passthrough. Just know, with IP Passthrough off it will hand out a DHCP LAN IP address to your MBX 5G WAN port just like any other device plugged into the LAN port on the Max Transit 5G. IP Passthrough passes the WAN IP your Max Transit 5G is getting from your cellular provider… But youll have internet either way… I tested it both ways the other day just not plugged into a MBX 5G… It was plugged into a different manufacturer router WAN port…

My use is using the Max Transit 5G with T-Mobile 5G Internet SIM with Static WAN IP for WAN failovers at a bunch of my existing clients that have existing Gateway/Routers already in use with an existing Fiber primary WAN.