How change local subnet when many devices have static IPs?

Now using Surf SOHO with firmware 6.2.0 build 1644.
My current subnet is 192.168.50.x and I would like to change it to 10.10.10.x
Some devices use DHCP but many have static IP addresses.
How do I make this change?

I ask because after making the change (giving the router a new IP of and changing the DHCP range to match) I could not access devices with old static IP addresses in the 192.168.50.x range. New devices using DHCP were, of course, fine.

The Fing LAN scanner saw none of the online devices with old static IPs. Interestingly, the router client list did show a couple as connected. A Windows PC using the 10.10.10.x subnet could not see shared files on a NAS using its \192.168.50.x IP.

From prior experience accessing a cable box via this router, I have to assume that requests for 192.168.50.x IPs are being sent out the WAN port, now that the routers LAN side IP address is Is it, somehow, possible to still see devices with old IPs after the changeover or do I have to change all the static IPs to the new subnet beforehand?

Thank you.

Hi Michael,

Base on the description given, you are changing your network IP from 192.168.50.x to 10.10.10.x (Including Router IP) . Thus after the change, the IP route for network 192.168.50.X should be invalid. Do consider to change all the static IPs to using the new IP range.

Thank You

I wasn’t clear. After the change, any device on the new 10.10.10.x subnet can no longer access any device with a static IP on the old 192.168.50.x subnet.

Hi Michael,

I believe you want to maintain 2 LAN subnets, so the clients devices in both subnets/Vlan (192.168.50.x & 10.10.10.x) can communication with each others.

If this is the case, then you can enable Inter-Vlan routing on the Surf SOHO to achieve this. You may refer to this link for configuring addition Vlan.

Thanks and regards.

Mis-understanding. I do not want to maintain two LAN subnets, I just want to convert all devices from the old 192.168.50.x to the new 10.10.10.x network.

I will try to change the devices with static IPs in the 192.168.50.x to static in the new 10.10.10.x range while the router is still using 192.168.50.x and see if that works …