How can I work out who/what consumed my SpeedFusion Cloud data allowance?

I woke up this morning to discover my entire SpeedFusion Cloud data allowance had been used up overnight.

I have an idea what the cause might have been – but in order to update my Outbound Policy to stop it happening again, I could do with finding out the details so I can apply a targeted route to take this specific traffic down one of the regular WAN connections instead of through the SFC.

Is there any logging which would allow me to retrospectively collect that information? Or any monitoring I might be able to set up to help me catch it in the act next time?

Without that, I’m reluctant to buy another data pack, because I could end up losing it overnight to perfectly legitimate traffic that I just failed to route correctly…

InControl2’s device reporting would be of help here. It will show you which devices used what data when - although it can’t differentiate between LAN to WAN and LAN to SFC.