How can I prioritize a softphone app for phone/pc?

Hi everyone, our company uses a hosted PBX system over the Internet which is based on Broadsoft UC-ONE platform. There’s a softphone app for iOS, Android and also PC/MAC. We have a primary cable connection with a LTE backup, which are connected to FusionHub in our data centre and have a Balance 305 on site. All traffic on site needs to go through the internet, but I want all traffic for this VoIP softphone to go over SpeedFusion through FusionHub for unbreakable VoIP.

The problem is I don’t know what ports are used for this softphone app, as they could be standard SIP ports but could be something random. I assume it uses SIP but I’m not really sure. So I’m stuck on creating an outbound route to set it to run over SpeedFusion as I don’t even know what port this app uses. I tried viewing active connections but I can’t really tell which is the call or not as there were a lot of things from my phone IP. We also use Wifi calling on our cell phones to make calls over wifi using our normal cell number. So same issue, I don’t know how to tell what ports that is or how to set that to go over SpeedFusion.

Then second question is for inbound calls, I’m also confused how they would know to go over SpeedFusion through FusionHub vs just to the phone directly at our site. Curious how best to set this all up. Thanks so much!

Hello liammonroe,

From what I’ve seen most SIP apps use 5060 be default but you should be able to change them if needed. Who makes the softphone app you’re using?

Typically PBX instances are setup to talk to a static IP. You can point the PBX to the FusionHub’s IP address. Using Outbound Policy will allow you to route traffic from your network to the PBX, sending that traffic to FusionHub.

I hope that helps.


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Hi there, thanks this isn’t a PBX though so I don’t know the IPs, I’m referring to Wifi calling on the cell phone where it uses the carriers network just using wifi instead of cellular for calls. Then we also have a softphone also, it’s Broadsoft UC-ONE. But when you run the softphone app you just log in with your email and password, there’s no server to enter or anything.

I’m more concerned with the wifi calling, the one built into cell phones as I’m not sure how to have that go through Speedfusion.

It looks like most wifi calling is done over UDP 500 and UDP 4500. You should be able to reach out to service providers to check and not all cell models seem to support wifi calling, but most newer ones should.

After further investigation I found that WiFi calling should be similar to SIP sessions. The phone should reach out a server letting it know to route traffic over this path. Setting up an Outbound policy for calls over WiFi to route over FusionHub should make calls to the phones also route in via FusionHub.

You also may want to reach out to the carriers directly for WiFi Calling port numbers and to confirm that WiFi call routing works similar to other SIP sessions as they may have other ways of forcing routes that we aren’t aware of.

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You can set an outgoing firewall rule that logs all outbound requests from one IP address, that of a phone you know is about to make a Wifi call. Then make the call and stop the logging afterwards. The router event log will show the destination IP address and both source and destination port numbers.

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Thanks that’s what I was trying but the problem I’m having is that when I do that it still shows lots of other traffic, like SSL traffic and other things I guess that are running in the back ground so wasn’t overly obvious how to tell what was voice etc. I was able to get the ports on the soft phone from our provider so that’s good at least!

We actually just spun up FusionHub servers directly in our Geo-Redundant Data Centers for VoIP. Not Broadsoft backbone but FreeSwitch and offer direct SD-WAN access directly to all of our DC’s. It works flawlessly.

It’s all in your outbound policies and obviously like you mentioned knowing which ports your provider uses.

We were once doing what you were doing where we hosted a FusionHub Instance say at our HQ but then wold have to redirect traffic from there to all DC’s for VoIP. Great but you only benefit with SpeedFusion to the FusionHub instance.

So now we have FusionHub instances sitting directly on our LAN in ALL data centers so our clients have a direct path right to servers. It’s pretty awesome.

It would be cool if Pepilnk in the future could come out with an app that could load balance traffic directly on the smartphone, like a FusionHub Smart app and you could connect directly to DC’s for your VoIP provider and still prioritize traffic directly on your smartphone with outbound policies.

Or at least an app on the desktop for remote users that don’t sit behind a Balance device. This way no matter where they are they have a direct shot to DC’s for VoIP and can create outbound policies or IT can preconfigure for the user.

Just saying it would be a compelling offer for a lot of people who are mobile and need security assuming they don’t have access to applications like ZRTP for VoIP.



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