How can I limit my Cable/Fibre connection speed to test FusionHub/SpeedFusion?

I’m trying to test and play with FusionHub to see how that might work for my customers that are remote, but my problem is that my 2 WAN connections are 500/20 cable and 250/250 fibre, so no good to test bonding. I tried just quickly in the Balance on site clicking WAN and setting the port to 10Mbps instead of 1Gbps or Auto but that didn’t do anything. Didn’t check to see if I could do that on the Cable/Fibre modem. I could use a cheap router that supports QoS and limit the bandwidth to a certain speed or maybe can even do that in the modem directly, but I feel like I might be missing something more obvious or easier? Trying to limit it to 5Mbps or so, so that I can actually see if this is all working. Thanks!

If I’m understanding your request correctly, you can do Bandwidth limiting when setting up the SpeedFusion connection. You can tick the Bandwidth Limit check box, this will add an option to limit the Download and Upload speed.

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I’m basically trying to simulate slow connections. My 2 WANs are cable 500/20 and fibre 250/250. So I’m trying to find a way to limit them both to 5 or 10Mbps to test SpeedFusion bonding so that I can see if I’m getting closer to 2x that much or if it’s just load balancing etc. It’s hard to test it when my connections are so fast.

Hello Psychobunny,

I’m not aware of any way to cap download speeds directly on the WAN.

You could try enabling Bandwidth Controls and applying that user group (Staff or Guest) to a PC for testing. The Bandwidth Controls can be found under the Network > QOS > Bandwidth Control. You can add specific VLANs or IP address to a group under Network > QoS > User Groups and than click the Add button.

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