How can I check my SpeedFusion Cloud remaining quota via Peplink eStore?

If your device is online and connected to InControl2, you can check the remaining quota via the Peplink eStore. There are 2 ways to access the SFC Management page:

Step 1: Visit and login with your Peplink ID.

Step 2a: Click on your profile picture > SFC Management

Step 2b: Or from any SpeedFusion Cloud Top-Up plan page through the eStore. Click the “Check SFC Quota” button.

Step 3: Once you’re in, you can select the organization to view or use the filter to find out the device you would like to check.

Here you can find useful information such as:

  • The remaining quota of your current top up plans
  • The expiry date
  • Any required firmware updates

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I just got a very disturbing email from your support team. I had questioned, why my recent purchase of Plan C didn’t extend my subscription period of 1 year, LIKE THE WEBSITES indicate. Nowhere is there any mention of “top-off”.

Suddenly, I am being told that the plan I purchase was a “top-off” plan that would only last for the remainder of my current plan? HOW IN THE WORLD CAN THIS BE TRUE?

This practice would mean that a customer could pay the full price of a “1 year” data plan that would only last them 1 month!

I’m hoping to bring attention this and get some explanations and, hopefully, corrections. Something isn’t right.


There is definitely some miscommunication there because it doesn’t work like that. The plan you purchase is good until the data allotment is used up or 1 year has passed.

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