How can I change the SSID name of the wifi AP of the router max br1 from Incontrol2


How can I change the SSID name of the wifi AP of the router max br1 from Incontrol2, the group SSID but the one shown in the wifi search to connect for example thanks


That is available in InControl2 group settings.


if you enabled the option of incontrol in system from the configuration of the router if I can change the name but it does not let me load a captive portal because?
and thanks for answering


What occupied was entering the router remotely? I saw in Device Web Admin Management that brings the http web option with port 80 as I enter? Thanks for the answer


Do you mean you can’t find the captive portal settings for the SSID (MAX device) ? For Peplink Balance & MAX family, captive portal is enable via VLAN settings. Detail info please refer to the knowledge-base below:

Can you further elaborate your question ? Do you mean the below feature?

The feature will enable management WebAdmin (Local device) access via InControl2. The settings defined will applied to the local devices.


correct I have already enabled the option to configure the administration of the web administrator of the device in incontrol2
Now how to enter in router?enter the ip public + :80? or something like that, in security I leave it in HTTP and access in lan / Wan is not necessary the SSH and console? because I would be interested to enter through the http, and I have already enabledthe remote access option in the router max br1 mini and leave it in L2TP
thanks for the help and patience