How can I block a devise from connecting to the WiFi network?

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I have a dumb smart speaker that automatically joins the WiFi network. How can I prevent that from happening? Preferably through the Pepwave admin software rather than just changing the wifi password and restarting (which would work but would also kick every devise of the network).


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Is there a hard reset on the speaker? There must be some way to clear it from auto joining the AP. Kinda the way one would clear a Bluetooth device.

What brand is this speaker?

Easiest way is to write an outbound firewall rule, blocking the device’s ability to get out to the internet. That won’t stop it from connecting but it won’t go anywhere. When you write the rule identify the device by its MAC address.

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Ballistic, was on the right track, the way to do this should have been to factory reset the speaker, although then you lose the resent softwear updatate and all your settings. Anyway the manufactures factory reset instructions don’t do anything so the “solution” I found was to go into the app and enter a deliberately wrong wifi network.

That seemed to work and the app kept working but now when close the app and reopen it does not work because it cant find the speaker, anyway thats not pepwave’s problem

Also you can block the speaker in ssid access control settings. Block it’s MAC address.