Hotmail, facebook and msn messenger

i have a balance 310 with 3 dsl conections to it. I am using dhcp, i have about 50 pcs.
The problem is that in abuot 5 of them i can not acces to hotmail, facebook and msn mesenger. Al other pages work fine.
This seams to be done to some ips because if i use a static ip in a pc that is having the problem, it dissapeas. If i use the ip that has the problem in another pc that pc that was working fine, now has the problem.
Please help
thank you

Hi Omar,

The IP address should have nothing to do with it, unless you made some specific firewall rules. What is your outbound policy?

Thanks for your help.
I dont have any firewall restrictions, my outbound is normal application compatibility

You could try high application compatibility, but it really seems like a problem with those 5 PC’s. I would make sure they are free of any viruses, etc.

i have use high application compatibility first and changed to normal but the same issue.
The ips are the problem, almost 10% of the active ips have that trouble.
If i change ips between a pc that is working fine and one that has the problem, the pc that has the problem ip is now not letting the access to msn messenger, facebook and hotmail and the other with a diferent ip is now working fine.
Thank you

Are you referring to private IP’s on your LAN, or public IP addresses?

I see where you are coming from, Omar. It doesn’t sound very likely to me that Peplink is blocking them. Anything else we have in the network with web blocking or application filtering facility?

One possible reason I can think of is that HTTPS/secure sessions from these 5 bad LAN IP are routed to one of those DSL that has problem accessing these services. I will go ahead and take a closer look at these 3 DSL just to be sure the problem doesn’t lie with the ISP. One easy way to try is to plug one WAN at a time and see if all PC in the network have problem accessing these websites/services. Thanks.

According to me facebook is the best and no.1 option that is very popular all over the world. Msn and hotmail are also doing a great job but the popularity of facebook is increasing day by day. So i will suggest you facebook instead of hotmail and msn. Keep it up.

Thanks kurt

i did take off 1 wan at the time and the pc thas is in trouble works fine but there are always 2 o 3 pcs with the trouble, some times more
i am using 3 adsl routers that the phone company gives tu their users. They have different ipn segments. Do you think that if i configure those routers as a bridge to make the bal 310 do all the work it may help?

Hi Omar,

I highly recommend to put your ADSL modems into bridge mode and let the Peplink do all the routing. This will avoid the double NAT environment you have now.