HotFail Over (310 SpeedFusion with HD2 LTE)

Hi everyone,

I installed a 310 with two DSLs (WAN1 and WAN2). WAN 1 is a healthy fiber DSL so I used this WAN with a public IP Address to create the tunnel with a remote HD2 LTE with 2 SIMS. SpeedFusion is established.

In the remote side I conducted a continuous ping test while disconnecting one of the antennas. I was expecting not to have a single timeout in the ping test. But I experienced a couple of timeouts anyway.

Maybe the 310 is not supporting HotFailover? Any advice ?


The Hot Fail Over time is dependent on the Link Failure Detection Time setting within SpeedFusion setup page. You can increase it, but you just need to realize that more bandwidth will be consumed as a result.

I did modified the Time in the HD2 and saw no difference at disconnecting one of the two antennas, still seeing timeouts. I tried starting with 6, 2 and the 1 sec. I did it in both routers (HD2 and 310). Am I doing something wrong here?

Please create a support ticket at and one of the technical support members will look into this issue for you.

Thanks Jarid and Tim !