Hot Swap Battery Power for Transit Duo Cat12

So I’m wanting to use my Max Transit Duo Cat12 as a mobile hotspot for video streaming on commercial video shoots. I’d like to use V-Mount Batteries for mobile power (these are commonly used in the video production world), they put out 14.8V. Most range from 95Wh to 150Wh. So I’ll need to swap them out every 4-5 hours if my calculations are correct. So without loosing power during the swap, could I wire one to the terminal block and then keep a 5V usb battery bank plugged into the usb port to failover until the fresh v-mount battery is replaced? Or even better, wire two v-mount plates to the terminal block and add the fresh battery to one plate just before removing the drained battery from the other plate?
Hope this makes sense…

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The Transit will spread its power demand across all connected sources. So if you connect a Vmount battery to the terminal block and a 5V USB power bank to the usb connector at the same time power will be drawn from both until one or the other is exhausted and then all power will be drawn from the last one that has reserves.

SWIT make a nifty hot swap plate that accepts two small v mount batteries and will discharge them sequentially.

That would work but to be safe I would suggest you wire one V-mount plate to the terminal block and add a 2.1mm DC plug to the other v-mount plate.

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Ok thank you this super helpful!

For the sake of saving a little money on additional plates and keeping the weight and bulk of the “rig” to a minimum… Could I maybe just keep a usb battery on stand by and plug it in manually a few seconds before swapping the v-mounts? :sweat_smile:

Yes that would work.

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