Hot Standby

I have a PepLink 30 routing over a DSL and point-to-point wireless connection. The wireless is significantly faster than the DSL in both throughput and latency. Because of this, if I have the PepLink set to balance between the two, my connection is slower than if I just used the wireless by itself.

My solution is to use the DSL as a backup, only to be used if the wireless goes down. The only option I can see for the DSL connection is “Cold Standby.” This means that I have about 15-30s of downtime as the DSL connection is brought up and traffic is routed over it.

Is there no Hot Standby feature? It would be much appreciated.

Please turn both links to always on and add a Custom Outbound Policy with Priority algorithm, to make the DSL will be used after wireless link goes down. That will be faster than “Cold Standby”


Unfortunaly the “Outbound Policy” is not applied for the L2 SpeedFusion scenario. Can you please suggest something else?

As mentioned in other thread, Jupiter is asking about the traffic flow within Layer 2 SpeedFusion scenario which is different topic of this thread. We are also following up with Jupiter out of the forum.