Hot Failover vs Bandwidth Bonding

Have you ever wondered why we can’t simply put two routers next to each other and get twice the speed? Or when your router’s connection breaks, why can’t we get a second router as a backup connection. We’ve generally accepted that using anything more than a single router is redundant. Installing multiple networking devices when your computer can only connect to one at a time is just a waste of resources. But what if I told you that’s no longer the case.

Normally, when a session is interrupted, your regular router will do what we call Basic Failover. In essence, it pauses and searches for the next best network to resume your session, which may take a noticeable amount of time to complete the entire process. But with Peplink’s Hot Failover technology, the packets in your connections are spread out through multiple WAN networks at the same time, so when one of those networks fails, your connection still has a secondary network to fall back on, and you will still remain connected throughout the network failure. It’s great for important situations where even a second of outage would be costly.

Great, you managed to connect to multiple networks at the same time, but let’s take it one step further. Using another one of Peplink’s in-house technology, Bandwidth Bonding, you can use multiple WAN networks while taking advantage of all bandwidths at the same time to form a singular solid connection. If, for example, your office is located in a remote location, far from any cell tower, you’ll be able to fuse multiple weak connections into one strong connection, comparable to an urban office’s connection speed. With that said, Bandwidth Bonding does take up a bit of data on its own to form this super link and to keep it secure. A minor trade off for the ability to combine multiple WAN connections for high speed connectivity.

An unbreakable connection or a supercharged network bandwidth? Why not both? Peplink offers devices that lets you take full advantage of your networking resources. No matter what you need, we’ll always help you make it work.

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