Hosted InControl2 IP addresses?

Hi Everyone,
We have a customer who will only open the InControl2 management ports outbound from their firewall to specific IP addresses. Is there a list of IP addresses InControl2 is hosted on or is the only option to filter by destination DNS name ( I know there’s also a “mars” any others? We’re located West Coast of USA.

Past experience when I’ve filtered outbound connections by DNS name destinations to other services hosted in the cloud on my own firewalls I’ve had problems when IP addresses change and DNS not updating the rule so not sure if that’s the best solution and whether their firewall has that capability.

Other option is maybe have a rule that routes Incontrol2 management traffic out the cellular connection instead of the WAN Ethernet port behind the customers firewall. Has anyone else tried this or have any other ideas? Peplink devices being used are MAX-BR1s.


This page should answer your question. Hope this helps.

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