Host Name Keeps Changing

This is the weirdest thing ever, I have a Peplink Balance 30 (FW 6.1.2 build 2717). The host name keeps changing after about 3-4 minutes. This have never happened before. I reset it hoping it will fix what ever was wrong. No difference, can someone explain why my router name always keeps going back to " Peplink Balance 30 " causing my hostname to become " peplink-balance-30 ".


We did not encounter this problem before. Please open ticket here for further checking.

I am experiencing this same problem on 6.1.3 build 2766 on just one of my Balance 30s. I cannot figure out why it is happening on this unit and not the other. I have tried rebooting. If I change the Router Name (top option under System), Save, and Apply Changes, it will appear changed for some time but will eventually revert back to a name I previously assigned. I have not found the trigger.

Yes i figured it out a few days after when i logged into Incontrol 2. I actually changed the device name there without realizing it was going to change the name in the Balance Device as well. What actually happens is it will push that new name after a few minutes.
To fix just log into incontrol 2 and change the device name there.


This is a new feature added in Incontrol 2 recently that you can actually defined the device name in Incontrol2 and synchronize with your running devices. If the Balance device is manage through Incontrol 2, please make sure the device name is define correctly in Incontrol 2 as it will overwrite hostname/Router Name for the running unit.