Home Router Replacement


I am planning to replace the Verizon FiOS router G3100 home router. I have a few IoT devices and also want a have cellular backup with WIFI 6 for future proof.

I am thinking peplink would be a good replacement.

Any suggestions for models that would suit my purpose?


Whats your budget?

Whats your FIOS speed?


Hi. The product which appears most suitable for your requirements is likely the Balance 20X. These run around US$449 or $549 depending on which modem is inside (CAT4 or CAT7.) The price may be more than you had in mind but I must say this is a first class product I think those who use them are pleased with their purchase. Your local Peplink Partner can help you. If you decide a Peplink device is in your future of if you want more information, and you don’t have a relationship with a Peplink partner, tell us where you are located and one of the Partners who participate in the Forum will likely contact you. You may also be able to purchase on-line, although that would not be our preference.

agree the B20x is as close as you are going to get at that price point. they were for sale on amazon.com for $349 the other day, i dont know if they still are. can’t beat the functionality/software for that price.