Home based Network Manager in need of S2S VPN Bonding advice


We currently have a Peplink Setup using S2S VPN bonding between a number of sites (710 @ HQ, and 380’s at branch sites), at the moment I’m the entire IT department and use PPTP to connect to do the odd out of hours job.

But I’m currently working from home due to a badly broken leg, and I’m finding the PPTV link slow (Broadband upload speeds) for what I’m need to do.

I was hoping to put a Peplink in at home to take advantage of S2S VPN bonded upload speed but looking the comparision charts the 20/30 models do not have this feature and the 210/310 are not really home price/size material.

Am I reading the comparision chart correctly (I’m on some strong pain relief), or is there an other option?


I use a linksys RVS4000 at home and set up a IPSec VPN to my 380 and it works great.

Cheers Marc,

But I always assumed (I could be wrong) IPSec was a single point to point link, and because of that would still be limited to our limited upload speeds from HQ. Hence the reason of looking at another Peplink device to take advantage of the combined upload speed of the multiple ADSL links through the bonded S2S VPN.

Good point. You are correct.

Hi Michael,

You are correct, the SpeedFusion VPN bonding is only available on the model 210 and above for now.