High-volume cellular usage and FEC vs. WAN Smoothing for video streaming

Hi Community!

I’ve been testing a setup using an MBX Mini to do a video stream from a film site to remote viewers.
Some of the usages would be in non-optimal areas, meaning no broadband coverage; the best we can do is cellular and Starlink. When you upload a 4K video, you consume data at a crazy rate. I can smoke a 150 gig prepaid sim in just a couple of days of high-bitrate streaming.

A few questions:

  • Does anyone offer a high-volume cellular package on the big three US carriers? I’ve purchased pre-paid 100G AT&T and 150G Verizon data SIM cards, but that seems to be the best they can do, and there is no way to add additional data mid-month if you run out. The only solution is to buy more SIM cards, which isn’t always easy to do on set somewhere.

What would be ideal is someone that charges a post-paid per-gig price, so if I use 10 gigs this month and 100 gigs next month, I just get charged for usage. I saw that Peplink has something along these lines, but it seems like you have to pre-pay your data up front and the prices are a bit ludicruis.

Other questions: I’ve been reading and reading about the best way to bond these connections together. I’m currently using the Speedfusion Cloud connection and it’s pretty amazing, I can pull SIM cards right out of the router and I might lose a ping or two, but things chug right around. What a game changer.

I’ve been agonizing over the settings to best optimize video streaming across two (different) cellular connections with an occasional Starlink running on WAN1. This MBX is only used to support one video uplink machine, so I am forcing all traffic through the SpeedFusion cloud via Advanced/SendAllTrafficTo, which seemed like the most straightforward way to do it (am I correct?) All my sources (cellular, Starlink, broadband, etc.) are set as Priority 1.

Within the SpeedFusion/ChooseCloud settings for my connected site, I have FEC set as max and Dynmaic Weighted Bonding enabled. Everything else is default. I had originally played with the WAN Smoothing, but in a Peplink video someone mentioned that FEC is better for video streaming like this.

Anyone have an opinion?

It’s great to see such an active and helpful community here. Thank you for all the great posts!

We are a certified peplink partner, and we sell some data plans.
We can offer some plans all tho, not unlimited , but you can PM me and we can try and see if we can find a solution.We might also be able to connect a sim injector to your device to provide access to a bank of sim cards.

Thanks, Jonathan - will drop you a note!