High number of SFTP connections from InControl2 Appliance to archive server

I have an on-prem installation of InControl2 where I use SFTP to connect to the archive server.

The number of simultaneous connections to the server is pretty high, with peaks over 400. And it seems to be increasing as we add more devices to the sytem. Check the picture below.

What number of simultaneous connections is to be expected when using an archive server with SFTP?

Normally, ICA should not make many SFTP connections concurrently. Do you have a lot of users accessing your system or any programs making a large number of API queries? Quite a lot of API query types would also need to access the archiver server to retrieve data. If you don’t have many users or programs that make many API queries, then please enable RA and PM me your ICA’s s/n. We will remote into it and have a look.

We normally have 1-3 users accessing the system. At most 5 users in one day.

We use a script to deploy new routers which makes 11-14 API queries each time it is run. Since 1st of december we have deployed a little over 50 routers with this script.